2020 deer rut

2020 deer rut

There has been enough research back-dating conception on does to verify that the peak of breeding takes place pretty much the same time every year. Should be around November 15th there. But the best days to hunt come either before or after the peak of breeding because more bucks are on their feet before and after peak breeding looking for a hot doe. Whatever dates have proven best in the past, those are the ones I would stick with.

For me, I love a late October cold front and I love the week from roughly November 3 — Then I hunt as much as I can during that time. Good luck. Those are good dates for sure, but we have also had many good hunts on November If a person had to pick just 9 days, the 9 you selected would be the best most years. I put in most of my hunting time in northwest pa. Every year I take a week off to hunt archery and I usually go the week of Halloween.

Last year I hunted from oct 26th-nov 2nd and we saw very little activity. The few nice bucks that we did stumble upon were always locked down with a doe. All of the big bucks that have been taken in the last 5 years at our camp have been between October 15th- 25th.

It seems like the typical prime time for the Rut in this area is always earlier than everywhere else in the state. I am trying to plan my rutcation for this year and wanted your feedback.

Why does it seem like the Rut is always earlier in this region vs other reports I see from guys in the rest of the state? I was planning on hunting oct 31st — nov 7th to try to catch a few of the bucks that have already been locked down in past years.

Do I stick with my plan or go earlier? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I would probably stick with the plan, but nothing beats personal experience so if you have had that much success from October th, it is probably something to consider — maybe a long weekend during that time? Really depends on the weather. Both of those timeframes can be good, but of the two assuming normal seasonal weather I would go with I am hunting NE Iowa second gun season this season.

Think I will be on the yellow river. Food would be best if you can find it.Posted on by 1strut. Leave a Comment. Ohio is the second midwestern state we have covered in our annual deer season overview series.

Indiana was the part one in this series. With their deer population well aboveOhio is quite a whitetail hunting state. Inaccording to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Divisionthere were over K deer harvested during the deer season in Ohio.

Clearly there is opportunity in the Buckeye state. There is more than enough deer to hunt, and more than enough public and private land to hunt them on.

Peak Whitetail Rut Timing and Hunting Strategies

Ohio is a great state for deer hunting and its rules are favorable for hunters of all kinds. In Ohio, there is a statewide bag limit of six deer for the whole season. Only one antlered deer may be harvested by a hunter.

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Counties have certain bag limits as well, depending on their local deer populations that they host. Some counties are one deer all the way up to five deer counties.

If a hunter reaches the bag limit for a county, they can hunt in other counties to get up to the statewide limit of six, if they so please. The wildlife division have recently made changes to bag limits on public land. These changes are focused on herd growth in Ohio public lands and increasing hunter satisfaction. The — Ohio deer season will be the third year with these public land bag limits changes in place.

I am curious to see how that impacts herd size and health after this year. If you are a public land hunter in Ohio, I would love to hear your thoughts on the changes and impact they have had in your eyes. Both bucks were over inches as a typical. These are serious antlers for trophy hunters out there. It is important that hunters and potential hunters always check the bag limit and rules for the county or counties that they will be hunting in, as rules can vary from county to county.

At the time of this writing, the Ohio DNR does not have their website up and running and there is no information anywhere about any gun or archery restrictions imposed by the state. Please make sure to research laws thoroughly before hunting season this fall, as they will surely have their website up and running before then.

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The Absolute Best Rut Hunting Dates

The defined gain program may be the best suited for someone looking for a massive duty deduction. Defined Advantage plans may be a superior choice for companies who have to conserve probably the most money possible over a tax-deferred basis. Skip to content. Fill In Calendar. Posts You May Like.The question of course is, will you get your days right?

After all, the entire month of November is going to host plenty of wild deer action, but there will only be so many special all-hell-breaks-loose days in your hunting spot. The rut happens the same time every year because it has to - especially throughout much of the range where whitetails live and actual seasons like winter happen. Mother Nature knows this, and so forget about an early or late rut.

Keep in mind that even during a full moon and degree beach-type days, the rut happens. Pretty much any day in the first three weeks of November is a good day to be in the woods. But if I had to personally choose a window to spend dark-to-dark sits on a pinch point, it would be from November 7th to the 12th.

After more than 25 years of whitetail hunting, I can safely say the 7th is my favorite day of the month to hunt. In fact, last year I ran an experiment on a little property I own in northern Wisconsin. After getting my butt kicked the first few days of the month, I hung four cameras and headed on down to Oklahoma for a public-land rut hunt.

I wanted to see what I was missing throughout much of November. When I checked my cameras during a late-season grouse hunt in there, long after the rut had died, I was surprised. From the 13th through to the 18th the buck movement was unreal. Absolutely unreal. Going through image after image of buck cruising during shooting hours in a place where I could scarcely buy a deer sighting two weeks earlier, led me to believe that I might have been jumping the gun a bit on good rut hunting.

This also seemed to be the case as we drove down to Oklahoma through Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. On the trip down we never saw a buck.

2020 deer rut

The trip home, which was a week later and far deeper into November, we saw so many cruisers it was amazing. Everyone knows that early-November is a chase-fest and late-November is a snooze-fest due to the lock-down. But the reality is the lock-down is somewhat of a myth.

Sure, a mature buck who finds the right lady is going to stick with her until she throws her chastity belt back on, but that time period has been found to be at most two days.

When one buck is tied up, there are others who are going to be looking hard.

2020 deer rut

And it could be the time when the biggest bucks in your neighborhood slip up. Forget the weather, forget the moon phase, forget whether Mercury is in retrograde or whatever. Hunt where the bucks are most likely to travel and put in the hours necessary to encounter one.

Haynes Shelton and Dr. James Kroll discuss how proper doe harvest is critical to herd balance and health. On this edition of "Deer Factory," Dr.

2020 deer rut

James Kroll and Pat Hogan discuss tactics for establishing warm-season food plots. See More Popular Videos.

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All North American Whitetail subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets.Subscribe Now Log In. The COVID pandemic has rocked the country, but hopefully, an early rut will give deer hunters a much-needed time of recreation in the Bayou State this year. Breeding dates for white-tailed deer are established based upon embryo and fetal measurements.

This management work started in the s, and during my tour with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, we greatly expanded our understanding of breeding dates across the state.

LDWF continues to conduct periodic herd-health collections and obtain additional information. The LDWF website has these dates and a breeding map for the state www. A breeding range is established for various areas using the earliest and latest known dates. This range may include three or four months.

The average peak breeding period, generally two weeks, is given, based on many years of data collection. While certainly this peak is always a good time to hunt, the fact is, breeding can shift forward or backward every year by a week or two.

If the rut comes early, hunters who wait until the average peak may miss out on some good opportunities that might occur earlier in the season. This rut prediction presents the expected breeding time for ; it appears the rut will be earlier than last year.

Last season, I hunted Nov.

Louisiana’s 2020 Rut Report

I killed a 3-year-old, 8-point buck the morning of Nov. The next day, my friend killed a 3-year-old 6-pointer. The bucks were on the move, and the rut was on. The club killed almost half its bucks during the first two weeks of the season, with the remainder being killed during this first breeding peak. We made an effort to shoot does on the club on Dec. Basically, while I saw and killed a couple of deer, rutting activity was almost non-exsistent.

Warm weather had the grass growing and seeding out in January and probably impacted the buck harvest in Areas 1 and 6. This generally will equate to a carry-over of adult bucks, so my hopes are high for a productive season. Southwest Louisiana, Areas 3, 7, 8 and 10, is the region where the rut is earliest. Archery season opens in September, and gun hunting begins in October.

This is not a land of big bucks, but a class deer is possible. There are some federal refuges that offer limited hunting opportunities. Hunters in Area 10 need to be aware that the season limit is three and not six, as in most of Louisiana.

Northwest and central Louisiana make up Area 2. It covers a large portion of the state, and November is the key month to be hunting. However, with an early rut being predicted, the first primitive season and the opening week of gun season should prove to be productive for hunters.

The landscape is dominated by pine timber, which does not grow trophy class bucks, but there are hardwood drains throughout Area 2 along with the Red River agricultural lands that produce trophies. There are within this deer area pockets of deer that, due to their genetic make-up, breed later than what one normally sees in Area 2.A doe comes crashing through the timber and blows right by your treestand.

It stops mere yards from you, lip-curls, and belts out the gnarliest grunt you've ever heard. Some people refer to the period from opening day until mid October as the pre-rut.

Opening day until around October 10 is the early season. The middle of October is the pre-rut. This is a period when deer have transitioned from their early season patterns to their fall ranges. This shift can occur anytime between mid-September and mid-October, but it usually always happens by October 10, which is generally when I begin implementing pre-rut hunting tactics. Rut Report

During this phase, bucks are beginning to lay down quite a bit of sign. Rubs and scrapes are popping up across the landscape, and deer activity is increasing. Forget about the October lull. Most hunters are still hunting open areas and ag fields. For one, many deer have transitioned to their fall range. Secondly, hunting pressure has moved deer to areas they feel safer.

Lastly, food sources are changing. Now, deer are hitting mast crops, such as acorns. My preferred plan of action for this period is to find where the bucks are bedding and get between their beds and the best acorn crop — or whatever the preferred food source is — available.

Also, avoid morning hunts during this phase. This phase is when bucks begin to act a little rutty. It generally occurs during the last seven to 10 days in October, and can last into early November, depending on specific locations. Rut sign is really ramping up now, and testosterone levels are getting deer up on their feet a little earlier in the day.

Mature bucks are now frequently seen walking in daylight. However, rut sign is becoming a little more important now. Continue to focus on bed-to-feed patterns for afternoon sits. During this phase, begin hunting mornings and evenings from now through the post-rut. Now the bucks are feeling their oats. This is the phase that we all love. Bucks — even mature ones — are seen chasing does now.Now, after splitting those two contests, it is time for the Tigers and Crimson Tide to compete in the highly anticipated rubber match.

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2020 Deer Rut Predictions

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